iPhone Apps

CapsicumDreams has developed several apps, two of which are in the app store, and two others are in beta testing.

Sunset Timer

A handy utility to enable you to tell exactly when the sun will set by using only your hands!


When you connect to your iPhone running GPS 2 IP, you receive realtime GPS information, in several selectable formats.

This information can then be redirected to a device on a serial port or some software for realtime mapping without a dedicated GPS!

Private GMT (pending)

On long journeys where you travel through several timezones, this app lets you know the timezone of exactly where you are.

Not the ordinary timezones that are separated by an hour from each other like GMT +08:00 or GMT +07:00 - but the precise timezone where you are, such as GMT +03:17:08.

StoreFinder (pending)

How often do you find that you need to buy something, but aren't sure where to get it? Maybe you're in a new part of town, or a different city. Or you know there's one store half an hour away, but you don't really have the time, and perhaps there's one a lot closer?

Instead of aimlessly wandering around to try and find somewhere that might have what you want, you can use StoreFinder.

This app knows what shops nearby have what you want, and even in what aisle. Your entire shopping list is located for you so you always know where you can go to save time.