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Sunset Timer

There is an old rule of thumb that says that if the bottom of the sun is resting on the top finger of your outstretched hand when your hand is resting on the horizon - then it's about an hour until sunset.

But these are just some of the reasons we can't trust those who give us 'rules of thumb':

  • The path of the sun changes constantly throughout the year
  • It also changes depending on your latitude
  • The visual height of your hand depends on the width of your hand, as well as the length of your arm

Well, with all the technology crammed into the iPhone, we don't need no stinkin' rules of thumb any longer - you can get the exact time from your hand for your location and time of year!

Instead of: "Not long until sunset, we'd better hurry!" You can now: "Based on my calibrated hands for this general location and season, we have almost an hour and a half until sunset. Plenty of time for another drink!"Ø

An obvious but important warning: Do NOT stare at the sun while using this app or at any other time.
A quick glance with your peripheral vision gives you an idea of where the sun is relative to your hand.


Ø Excessive alcohol consumption while actually using Sun Timer can lead to wildly spurious results. But then again, this applies to pretty much anything after a few gins..