Some of our recent Projects


GPS2IP can turn your iPhone or iPad into a wireless GPS for interfacing with navigation software on your local network, a server sitting on the internet, or anything in between.
GSP2IP outputs NMEA for your navigation needs.


Designed to work with ForeFlight and other similar avionics systems using the GDL90 protocol.
Use GPS4Flight as a primary or backup navigation data source for your flights.


The most capable mobile marine NMEA solution

If you need a stand-alone NMEA provider, or just need a backup in case of emergency, then MarineGPS has you covered.


MISSIONMAP is an intuitive touch-screen based digital mapping application that performs the key functions of navigation*, mission management and optional electro-optic/infrared (EO/IR) sensor control for specialised airborne operations.

Integration with gyro-stabilised multi-sensor EO/IR imaging turrets allows the camera/sensor to be controlled through the software, and location information to be readily interpreted by the user.



iOS and Android solutions for your mobile app needs


Cross-platform desktop development


We have a wealth of experience in embedded firmware solutions


If you need back-end support - let us know