Setting up GPS2IP with SOB

SOB is a Windows™ PC-based navigation program which, when loaded with C-MAP charts and connected to a GPS gives real-time on-screen chart positioning and details such as speed and heading.
SOB has a long list of features and capabilities and can connect wirelessly with GPS2IP.

Configure GPS2IP

For SOB, GPS2IP must be in Socket mode.
You can see more information on how to set up Socket Mode on our Socket Mode page.

You can choose any Port Number that you like, as SOB allows any Port Number.
For this example, we will leave it at the default value of 11123.

Configure SOB

Startup SOB (making sure you are connected to the same network as your GPS2IP device).

  1. Press the Data and Information Panels button circled here at the top of the image
    and then press NMEA Form (new) at the bottom.
  2. When the Connections and NMEA Data dialog opens, hit Network on the far right.
    This shows you non-serial connections.
  3. Give your iOS device an appropriate name in the Display Name field, and the IP address of your device in the URL or IP field.
    (Check the main screen of GPS2IP for the IP address).
  4. Add the appropriate port (11123 in this example).
  5. Hit Add to make SOB remember this new device, and then Connect On/Off

If GPS2IP was configured correctly, and is on the network, then you should be done!


If you could connect using the methods on the Socket Mode page, and it doesn't work, get in touch with Digiboat Support.

If you couldn't connect using the methods on the Socket Mode page, try rebooting your iOS device, and try again.
If it still doesn't work, get in touch - we'd be happy to help.