i-Boatin (Gps Nautical Charts) is the first cross platform Marine Navigation App.

This App lets you to create/import your own routes, and use these routes for voice activated route assitance.
Once downloaded, charts are available offline without needing network connectivity. App includes support for route track recording, Auto Follow with Real Time Track Overlay, Export of tracks/routes as GPX file, and much more.
Currently the App supports multiple regions world-wide and works very well with GPS2IP.

i-Boating uses either the TCP Push or UDP Push mode to communicate.
Please see our page here to setup GPS2IP to push TCP or UDP data.
Unless you understand the difference between these modes, and require UDP specifically, we recommend selecting TCP Push.
You can choose any Port Number that you like, as i-Boating allows any Port Number.

In this example, we will use TCP Push mode, with a port number of 11123

Configure i-Boating

Start up i-Boating (making sure you are connected to the same network as your GPS2IP device).

  1. Press the menu/overflow button on the lower right on your iOS device (top right on Android) and select Settings.
  2. Scroll down and select NMEA Instrument Settings.
  3. Select either TCP or UDP mode for the Link Mode.
    (TCP in this example)
  4. Enter the port number GPS2IP will be using.
    (11123 in this example)
  5. Enable Use NMEA as GPS Source.
  6. Tap Save.
  7. Go back into the settings menu, near the bottom click Start AIS.

Configure GPS2IP for TCP or UDP Mode

(Reference this page for setup instructions).

  1. Start GPS2IP
  2. Go into Settings
  3. Under Connection Method select TCP Push (for this example)
  4. Hit the settings icon for TCP Push
  5. Enter the IP address of the device running i-Boating
    Edit the Port Number as appropriate. (11123 in this example)
  6. Done and Done to get back to the main screen
  7. You should see either "TCP Server IP" or "UDP Server IP" as appropriate, and the correct "Port" number
  8. Enable GPS2IP!

If GPS2IP was configured correctly, and is on the network, then you should be done!
i-Boating may have timed out waiting, if configuring GPS2IP took too long. In this case, just repeat step 7 in the i-Boating instructions


If you could connect using the testing technique on the TCP/UDP Push Mode page, and it doesn't work, get in touch with i-Boating Support.

If it still doesn't work, get in touch - we'd be happy to help.