Configure iSailor & GPS2IP

iSailor Info

Using iSailor you can benefit from the leading-edge maritime technology coming from one of the industry leaders.

iSailor is a marine navigation application for iPad, iPhone, and for Android smartphones and tablets. The application is intended for amateur seafarers.
Currently the App supports multiple regions world-wide and works very well with GPS2IP.

iSailor might require payment to enable the streaming option that is required. Please ask their support team for details.


Step 1

Go into Socket mode

For iSailor, GPS2IP must be in Socket mode.
You can see more information on how to set up the Push Modes on our Connection Mode FAQ.

For this example, the iPhone running GPS2IP is connected to the network, with an IP address of
We have left the Port Number at 11123.

Step 2

iSailor Settings

Select the Settings menu in iSailor.

Step 3

iSailor Sensors

Select Sensors menu in iSailor.

  • NMEA as Primary PS
  • NMEA as Heading Data
  • CALC as Rate of Turn Data
Select Connection Settings under AIS & NMEA Connections

Step 4

Add Connection

Tap Add Connection

Step 5

Setup Connection

  1. Name the connection if you like
  2. Select TCP as Protocol
  3. Select the IP Address of GPS2IP (in this example,
  4. Select the Port of GPS2IP (in this example, 11123)
  5. Enable NMEA GPS & NMEA Compass under DataType

Step 6

Check Connection

If GPS2IP was configured correctly, and is on the same network, then you should be ready!
Enable (turn on) GPS2IP
Enable the connection you have just configured in iSailor, and you should immediately (depending on your transmission frequency) see navigation data in iSailor...

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