Navionics Boating HD

Using Navionics Boating you can be sure to benefit from the leading-edge maritime technology coming from one of the industry leaders.

The Boating app provides nautical charts for cruising, fishing, sailing, diving and all the other activities on the water and integrates very well with GPS2IP.

Setting up GPS2IP with Navionics

Configure GPS2IP

For Navionics Boating, GPS2IP must be in Socket mode.
You can see more information on how to set up Socket mode here.

For this example, the iPhone running GPS2IP is connected to the network, with an IP address of
We have left the Port Number at 11123.

Configure Navionics Boating

Step 1

Go into Menu

Then Paired Devices in that menu.

Step 2


At the bottom of this menu, select ADD DEVICE.

Step 3


In this section titled Add device, you enter in GPS2IP details.
  • Give this connection a name, perhaps GPS2IP
  • Host: This is the IP address of GPS2IP
    (in this example
  • Port Number: As it says, this is where the GPS2IP port number goes
    (in this example 11123)
  • TCP or UDP selector: Just leave it TCP

Step 4


After these settings have been set, we can connect the two applications together.
  1. Make sure GPS2IP is connected to the network, enabled, and transmitting
  2. Click Save

Step 5


If navionics was configured correctly (according to the GPS2IP settings), then you should be operational!
There should be some small green text "‚óŹ Connected"
Exit out of the menus, and everything should work just fine..


If it doesn't work, get in touch - we'd be happy to help.